Dell Media Experience

Dell Media Experience

Dell Attempted to enter the MediaCenter Market wasnt bad but wasnt oustanding!
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Dell Media Experience lets you create and manage a library of music, video, and images on your PC, using either a remote control or mouse. You can:
Add music, movies, and pictures to your library
Play/view music, movie, and picture files
Play music CDs, VCDs, and DVDs
Burn music CDs, VCDs, and DVDs using your library files
Add music to your portable MP3 player
You control Dell Media Experience by choosing menu buttons with a mouse or remote control. Dell Media Experience has menus for managing and playing Music, Pictures, and Movies. There is also a Settings menu where you can change all the Dell Media Experience settings.
To go to any menu, simply choose its button on the Dell Media Experience main menu. To go back to a previous menu, choose Back with the mouse, press Back on the remote control, or press Backspace on the keyboard.
When you use a mouse, extra toolbars appear at the top and bottom of the Dell Media Experience screen. To find out what any toolbar button does, move the mouse over it.
Dell Media Experience also provides Applications and Online Showcase menus, where additional options to enhance your Dell Media Experience are available.

Thought DMX is a free product, Cyberlink released a deluxe version that could be used to upgrade Dell preinstalled version or bought stand alone, this version adds basic music ripping and image editing functionalities.

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Discontinued by the developer.

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  • Friendly and Elegant User Interface
  • Free with your purchase!


  • Lack of Tv Capture capability
  • Some minor bugs
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